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Uncovering an Oasis to perfection with Rishita Developer one amongst the big name in the real estate industry. Recently the developer has announced the luxurious residential project by the name of Mulberry Heights in Lucknow Sushant Golf City. Rishita Mulberry Heights is an International Styled residential project one amongst the largest housing project which is well planned keeping in mind the eco-friendly construction and using earth quake resistance materials. This project is known for International vogue one amongst the most important housing project being developed in the city. Rishita introduce the essence of Lucknow and form into crystals in its each project of which Mulberry Heights is elevated to become the foremost admirable ever in terms of opulent vogue, sophistication and uniqueness. This amazing project in Lucknow is an exemplary sanctum to those who are looking for a wholesome life experience. 21.45 acres of lush green land comprising ultra-modern development of enigmatic towers promising you the BIG lifestyle that meets world standards. This magnificent residential project gives you the majestic view of the Golf Course from every apartments a holistic lifestyle needs.


Open Party Lawn
Well-Equipped Gym
Swimming Pool
Indoor Theater
Indoor Game Zone
Parking Area
Multi-Cuisine Restaurant
Jogging Track
Jogging & Cycling Track
Kids Play Area
Kids Play Area
Meditation Zone

Pricing details

Inventories Size (sq.ft) Pricing ₹
2 BHK 1323
₹79.83 Lakhs* Onwards
2 BHK + Store 1384
₹86 Lakhs* Onwards
3 BHK 1893
₹1.17 Cr* Onwards
3 BHK + Servant 1964
₹1.08 Cr* Onwards
4 BHK 4231
₹2.75 Cr* Onwards

Site & floor plan

Hazratganj - 15 Mins
CCSI Airport - 15 Mins
Charbagh Railway Station - 25 Mins
Alambagh Bus Stand - 25 Mins
Gomti Nagar - 10 Mins
Shaheed Path - 5 Mins
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About Rishita Mulberry Heights

Rishita developers are one of the pioneer developers of the Northern Indian State of Uttar Pradesh. They have been in the real estate business from the past one one decade and they have been known to be the most trusted and premium Real Estate Builders in the capital city of Lucknow. They have been known to be the best in every aspect may it be architecture, landscaping or the amenities.

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This outstanding Property in Lucknow gives you the choice to choose from 2bhk and 3bhk luxurious apartments which creates the extravagant haven bedeck with the state-of-the-art handpicked features. The project is an exceptional sanctum for those that desires a wholesome life expertise. Giving you an experience of peaceful atmosphere to security that enables you to live life without any worries. This residential complex brings you an exquisite residences that relish adequate natural sunlight and fresh air. It presenting the proper image of your life amidst an enormous green landscape, A WORLD of Open areas with 80% green space. Inside Rishita Mulberry Heights, Sushant Golf City are elegantly designed and comes with ultra-modern furnishings. The floor plan of Mulberry Heights has been architect brilliantly leaving a huge space for the inhabitants. The project features an over 60,000 sq.ft. Club House with all the facilities required for a holistic Life. This project comes with an experience of green living facilities which gives you the feel of living near to nature. Relish high-quality homes in Lucknow with a big life-style solely for you.

Rishita Mulberry Heights Lucknow strategically located in Sushant Golf City, well connected and easily accessible from all locations. In this locality one can experience exceptional connectivity and brilliantly developed transportation that is easy to reach. The residents of this project will get an easy and seamless approach to an important commercial zones in the city. It becomes easy for people to reach the distinguished business hubs in the city which they’ll get across to the other necessary places around.

Location Highlights

  • Hazratganj is just 15 min of drive
  • The airport is just 15 min of drive
  • Charbagh Railway Station is just 25 min of drive
  • Alambagh Bus Stand is 25 min of drive
  • Gomti Nagar is 10 min of drive
  • Here is why 2022 is the year to invest in Lucknow real estate

    Capital of Uttar Pradesh Lucknow is known for its unparalleled charm. Popular as the ‘city of Nawabs’ owing to its rich, colourful heritage, it is the place to be in if you are looking for delectable north Indian delicacies in a rich cultural setting. In the past few decades, the city has experienced a major facelift. From being a hub of industries to now witnessing successful startups emerging and becoming a major tech hub of the state, the city has come a long way. The Lucknow real estate has also seen a steep spike in this duration. There are various factors which are still positively influencing this transformation which are a must to look into if you are looking to invest in this vibrant city.

    Prospective Growth Opportunities

    Amongst the numerous reasons that are responsible for the changing trends in the industry development of the city is amongst the most important ones. Being the capital of the fifth-largest state of India, it has been through a few cycles of development and the place still has a great potential for growth. The Master Plan, a recent policy by LDA (Lucknow Development Authority), is also focused on providing more living spaces so it also includes, within the Town and Country Planning project, the construction of almost 197 fringe villages in the peri-urban areas. It is going to provide more options to those seeking new residential projects in Lucknow as it involves setting up Townships.

    Positive Impact of Mass Migration

    There are definitely more education and employment opportunities in the capital city than in nearby areas. This has resulted in a major influx of people moving in search of their dream home from the neighbouring areas like Allahabad, Sitapur, Bahraich, Sultanpur, Barabanki, Kanpur, Varanasi and Unnao. This number is expected to reach about 65 lakhs by the year 2031. The Master Plan was actually designed to meet the demands of the increasing population. This has led to a surge in the demand for homes making property investment in Lucknow a very lucrative bet from a future perspective. This pattern is already visible as the investors from nearby areas are already putting their money on Lucknow.

    An Upgraded Standard of Living

    The life quotient that the city promises is another striking feature that attracted home buyers from the regions nearby. As the standard of living has gone up, people are now seeking comfortable and luxury homes. Seeing the immense growth opportunities in the region, the reputed and even leading realtors have already started investing in the city. They are willing to invest more in the city which has led to an increase in the demand for luxurious upmarket homes. While the established developers of the region are coming forward with one project after the other.

    State-of-the-art Developments

    The builders are designing homes that are well equipped with premium and the state-of-the-art amenities to match up with the high demand. It is a very lucrative bet to invest in the real estate of the city. Like the new flats for sale in Sushant Golf City Lucknow, especially Mulberry heights developed by the trusted Rishita Developers. It is well-equipped with a broad array of amenities which are designed for the utmost comfort of the people. Has a great location which is in the vicinity of all the important social amenities. The plush and spacious 2 BHK and 3 BHKs homes are now highly sought after . It also has a host of conveniences that make it one of the best residential property in lucknow. It is exactly what the buyers are looking for in residences nowadays.

    Improved Transportation

    The sporadic and apparent change in the city skyline is the testimony of the development the city has witnessed. The number of residential, retail and business-related projects have also increased. But a very important factor that makes putting money in the city worthwhile is the improved transportation. This has always influenced Lucknow property rates positively and has been instrumental in the property price appreciation in the reason. The place has the advantage of being the city with the oldest airport in the state. This provides easy commutation for the people who have to travel often. The commencement in the city has led to a major makeover. It connects the essential parts of the city which also helps with the road connectivity. The state government is also bringing about various new projects to improve the infrastructure of the city. Like LDA has sanctioned land for 150 mt. wide Ring road and a 100 mt. Outer Ring Road is expected to ease the traffic bottlenecks on the busy routes in the heart. Other roads are being constructed too, as per the Master Plan.

    Availability of the Best Social Infrastructure

    A very important additional factor which works in the favor of the city and real estate, the citizens have a very deep connection with the city and therefore, an additional factor is that people buy property to have a place of belonging in the place where their roots belong. Such home owners are frequent travellers for business or other purposes. Since there is a rising number of well-off people who are looking for such connections, there is a surge in the demand for 2 BHK flats in Lucknow which easily meets their purpose. The increased demand for new residential projects in Lucknow is also influenced by the presence of the umpteen social infrastructure and amenities available in the city. For example, the medical facilities available in the city are in fact one of the best in the country.So a city in which has rich cultural history, where investing is a profitable prospect, has a plethora of amenities which assures the safety of the people and has a smooth connectivity via a well-developed transportation system, why wouldn't it be a hit among the investors. So investing in the residential property of Lucknow is the absolute best bet.

    Looking for Residential Property in Lucknow? Here’s All you Need to know

    Known for its unparalleled charm, the capital of Uttar Pradesh, Lucknow is also the administrative headquarters of the fifth-largest state in the country. The city has come a long way since it was once thriving economically owing to the industries in the region, while it is now also a new launchpad for emerging startups and new corporate establishments. Popular for the striking historical monuments, political and physical infrastructure, the city is a favourable place for living in. This has led to the investors in the nearby cities flocking in for the residential property in Lucknow. Over the years the city has grown and witnessed a significant makeover. Subsequently, the city has experienced a spike in the realty and housing sector. Let’s have a close look at the factors that have made this spike in the market possible.

    Physical Infrastructure

    Being the capital has its advantages. Thus, the city has an abundance in the number of government organizations and offices that have their headquarters in the area. The retail and business-related projects have also increased in the region. Another positive sign for those looking for home is the surge in the flat for sale in Lucknow and also the similar trends in for the retail and corporate developments. Homebuyers nowadays are on the lookout for localities that are rich in the amenities which cater to the needs of modern living. Being the capital city, it has a huge potential for growth given it is under the development radar of the civic authorities. A noteworthy construction scheme which has been brought to light that is focused on providing more residential spaces. The Master Plan, as it is named, has been launched by LDA (Lucknow Development Authority), and it includes projects like Town and Country Planning. This particular project will entail construction of 197 fringe villages in the areas lying on the perimeter of the city. This is favourable for the citizens because it will create more living spaces but in the process employment opportunities will also increase.

    Presence of Social Amenities

    A prominent factor for the citizens is transportation. In the recent years as the city has developed, public areas like parks and recreational hubs have been improvised. Breathtaking architectural masterpieces and statues have also been erected in the region. The city also has witnessed growth in impressive urban spaces like malls and cafeterias. The state government is also bringing about various new projects to improve the infrastructure of the city. As per the afore-mentioned Master Plan, LDA has firstly sanctioned 150 mt. broad Ring Road and a 100 mt. broad Outer Ring Road. These developments are expected to ease the traffic bottlenecks on the important routes and the connectivity in the region will be flawless owing to the swanky road. Lucknow real estate market is also favoured by the advantage of having the only international airport in the state. Metro construction was also another growth project which has been benefited by the improvement in commercial activity, employment and improved livability in the area.

    Increased Life Quotient

    Inspired from the improved livability in the areas, Lucknow is a metropolitan city itself and therefore, it provides a better standard of living than most cities in the vicinity. The general expectation of buying a new home is to improve your life quotient. With the growth and development happening around the city has become an ideal location for those looking to live their life to the fullest in Nawabi city. The residential ventures in the city are also embedded with luxury features and are designed for the utmost comfort of people. The reputed and even leading realtors are also investing in the city. Properties in Sushant Golf City Lucknow, are especially known for the world-class amenities and premium provisions.The above discussion is an in-depth study of the few most relevant factors that drive the demand for homes in the city. Overall, if you are looking to invest in an emerging realty hub then Lucknow is the place to be in because not only is it a lucrative investment but also it is a great place to dwell in. Thus, your property investment will be a secure one if you are planning to have a part of the city all to yourself.

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